VJAY Crashing Constantly

I have been using VJAY for my IPhone 5s for quite a while now and it was actually my favorite app and I use it all the time and it worked perfectly. All of a sudden, every time I load a video and play it on the app, the screen in which the video plays in always turns black and then the app freezes and crashes. It first began with one video but now it happens with every video I have. Please help me fix this problem since I use this app 24/7.

Hi Brian,

Can you send us one of your videos for testing? -> support(at)algoriddim.com

Just a quick question. It worked again when I had more space on my iPhone but when I had a little less than 250 mb of storage left on my iPhone for use, the problems began again. Does the space avalible on the iPhone have anything to do with the problem?