why not develop vjay Android? would be great! vote for this and share!

This idea is better than ever after I tested out a brand new iPad Air 2 and found video output via VGA or HDMI dongle to lag WORSE than my old iPad3. On the Android side of the fence, we have devices with native HDMI output and Android 5.0 supports low latency audio.

DJAY on Android gave me hope, please bring VJAY to Android too! I’ve used all the competition (Cross DJ, Serato w/ Video, etc) and honestly, VJAY is more fun to use and makes my AV clips feel like real tangible things, not stuck in a laptop/controller.

Thanks for posting your idea.

thank you so much for all you continue to share!

Support and share this!

There is nothing at all like vjay on android. This would be huge. With the technology edge that Android phones have over iphones that are just catching up to technology from over two years ago, Android customers will continue to grow. DJay being developed for Android was a success and VJay would be as well.