Hi all,
i have problems with the vjay app on the iPad 2 and av composite Cable.
First the Vjay app don’t play smooth (stuttering) and don’t give me a Full Screen on the Monitor.if i play the movie from the Foto App it runs smooth and i have Fullscreen (I am in the PAL Area and the movie is 1280x720 at 25fps, mp4)
Thanks all

Hi Thomas,

Sorry to hear that.

(1) Does the stuttering occur with all your videos?

(2) What’s the resolution of your monitor?

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Hi Warren,
1 Yes
2 SD PAL (av composite Cable)

Now I have testet with a iPad mini with hdmi out…
Same issue playback stuttering in vjay app and no full screen (in the Foto App no problem)

i have a problem. when i record for about a hour wen it says processing it wont finish it says an error ocurred 28. then my cloud comes up and says almost out of space but i have about a gb left any thoughts