Vjay for iPhone keeps crashing

The vjay app keeps on crashing every time a scroll to the visual loops. I use the old vjay because the new one does not have all the featured videos. I send reports but the problem is not fixed
iOS version is 16.1
iPhone 11

Hi @Dj99.x,

Please close Vjay and all other apps then follow the procedure below to perform a Forced Restart of your iOS device:

  1. iPhone: Force restart iPhone - Apple Support (CA)
  2. iPad: Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA)
  3. After restarting, launch only Vjay and confirm if the issue persists.

The issue is still there. The app opens but when you try to scroll to where it says visual loops it crashes. The problem was fixed before but then it kept on happening

Hi @Dj99.x, I checked with the engineering team. This app is no longer being maintained. The last officially supported OS version for it was iOS 13 (released 2019).

That being said the app’s functionality has been integrated into djay in the form of the video mode.

The only other thing you could try is backing up your files and trying a fresh install. Thanks.

The problem was fixed on iOS versions above 13 so it was still supported. On djay there are only 2 videos but on vjay there are more than 10

How is it that the last supported iOS for djay 2 is 17 and vjay only 12

Also is it still possible to get “djay pro for iPhone 1”(old version) ?

The videos not incuded in the new version of djay, pro or not pro
Drums by Electro method
Dancing dog
Shout out by J live
Dance lil buck (included in new version but only for Mac OS)
Crazy Montage
There can be more but I forget because it has been a while since the app was last working

Scrolling past “visual loops” causes the app to crash please fix as fast as possible thanks

This is stupid. I payed $2.99 for vjay and now it is crashing? They are asking me to switch to the new djay just so I can have less videos to mix? It is crazy how you said iOS 13 was the last supported version even though this problem has been solved before. Please fix the problem

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There was actually more than 20 videos in vjay while the “new djay” only has 2 (1 on some devices)

Hi @Dj99.x,

Thank you for sharing your inquiry and feedback with our teams.

I apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced with this unexpected behavior of vjay for iOS.

However, as @Slak_Jaw stated previously, vjay for iOS has been considered a legacy application for many years since our product line for iOS was consolidated into the singular djay for iOS app.

vjay for iOS has not received an update for over 4+ years and, unfortunately, will not receive an update to fix the issue you are having.

Thank you for your understanding.

They do not need to update the app to get it to work again

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But you have not solved the problem. New djay does not have all the videos.

Vjay is not working djay only has 2 videos that only work with wifi.
Problem is not fixed but was ignored by “slak jaw”
Refund my money or add all the demo content in the new djay

Hi @Dj99.x, sorry if you felt that I ignored your issue. Unfortunately, I was very sick for several days last week so I haven’t been very active in the community recently. My apologies. As both @NathanielAlgo and I stated above, this legacy software is no longer supported and will not receive any further updates. If you want to continue using this app, you might want to try downgrading your iOS to version 13 as this might help.

Also, if you would like more demo videos added to the video mode of djay Pro, please make a new Suggestion topic clearly outlining your request, including the details you shared above, so that I can share it with the dev team. This will also open up our voting system so other users can show support for your idea and the dev team can gauge user demand for this. Thanks!

Forget about the refund. I will delete the new djay as it is useless and the looper is pro and just use djay 2 and vjay even though it’s crashing

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Okay, thanks for the follow up and additional feedback @Dj99.x