Vjay for mac?

Any works in the pipeline for a version of Vjay for mac?
or perhaps even a paid-for plugin compatible for Djay?


We currently have no plans for a Mac version.

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No plans = no improvements!

This is bedroom dj software at best… sorry!

But yet you make a version for the iPhone…

TOY Software!

When you don’t listen to the users, your users leave!

You guys need to make this a priority. I can’t tell you how many people love your software when I spin. If I could use Vjay, it would be even more awesome.

totally agree with Djkor7 get it together now please

A combined Djay and Vjay for the mac please, I’m out gigging, having to use 2 softwares (Not Vjay, obviously) to create a show, why? If you could combine Djay with something similar to Arkaos you’d be on a winner, just do it.

please please create a mac version i love ur software and i wanna use vjay on my mac :wink:

If I could use VJay with Karaoke on my Mac, I would have the ultimate software solution for my mobile DJ/KJ needs.

I am using Vjay for just 4 month now and used only in one party and people was just BLASTED !!! So When I see what I could do with the power and hard drive space of my Mac Book Air instead of my Tiny Ipad 2…

Please!!! VJ for Mac!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!