Vjay loop mode

Vjay should have a loop mode for the full clips, this is really obvious and I don’t know why it’s not in it already. When the clip reaches the end, play it again from the start… Is this option there and I’m missing it?

Maybe for version 1.1 please?

I can’t find this either and if it doesn’t exist I kinda want my money back. Looping clips is standard across almost all VJ software and is super essential.
Please show me where this exists or implement it as soon as possible.

Yeah, I couldn’t find it either! This is definitely a must for Vjay, video loop is totally useless without the loop mode.

Well, they’re listening. Looking forward for the update, hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

I can’t actually believe they can call the product VJay without having this feature!!! It’s madness

I hope this is coming too …kinda a pain pressing play ten times

I don’t know where else to post vjay suggestions but changing color independently from the eq would be great as well I want to be able to change colors without cutting out bass or treble