Vjay + MIDI Controller + AV Adapter, does it work ?

With hdmi adaptater (http://www.maxigadget.com/2011/03/app…) it’s possible to plug hdmi cable and and idj pro cable in the same time. but this, does it work ?

(sorry for my english, i’m french and i don’t speak fluent english)

Ramo, it isn’t possible. A controller manufacturer needs to release a bluetooth or wifi controller (possible to get decent latency with those, see link below, software only solution) to free up the pin port for AV OUT.



As far as I know, there are currently no adapters that work with HDMI and a MIDI controller.

Sorry, this is still technically impossible.

Hi Georgeum,

As mentioned above, this is unfortunately technically impossible.

I would like to know as well… There is an apple certified device that allows you to connect from lightning/30pin on the device to hdmi while simultaneously allowing a data cable to be plugged in as well…

30 pin


Any new news since the updates?

As Cam stated,

+1 also curious if possible to use a controller like “iDJ Pro” connected to the apple digital AV adapter while plugging and HDMI cable to a monitor/TV?

If you are familiar with the adapter, you’ll notice that there are connections from an ipad to a USB and HDMI cable which goes to a screen and possibly a DJ controller.

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VJAY + Controller AND output to Projector?.

VJAY iPad & Pioneer WEGO2 -> How to get AV OUT for projector? I want to use the WEGO2 and VJAY for ipad and send the output to a projector. Is this possible? How? Thanks for any help!??

so vjay is useless unless used “standalone”

Yeah same here I had to go and shell out over 100 for a Apple tv but my family is always using it to watch stuff LOL. Yeah it would be nice if it works like other DJ programs that have video

I tried what you all are doing with av adapter. The iPad doesn’t charge or recognize the controllers like DDJ wego4. A shame that the controller has no way to output video unless its airplay. Only thing that works is iPad directly connected to AV adapter. No controller used which limits you to iPad use only. Practice with iPad only. Only solution for now.

How is the lag with the Apple TV? Is audio somewhat realtime with controller?