Vjay need a longer loop

Four beats isn’t enough for how I’d like to use it. I’ve been using djay (which offers up to 32 beats when looping) for my live performances, and would LOVE to switch over to Vjay, but until I can loop 16 beats, it’s totally useless and just takes up space on my ipad. Please update with longer looping and more cue points. Thanks. Can’t wait for my update yo.

Also ability to set manual in/out points.

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Longer loop length for VJAY.

Currently I can only do loops up to 4 beats in VJAY. I’d love to have the ability to loop up to 32 beats as is available in DJAY. Thanks!

Lorenzo, that makes it all the more frustrating… software is capable of doing longer loops but it’s not exposed via touch interface, only midi? What hardware are you running on? I’m iPad3

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Vjay is amazing.

I would love it if you added over 4 beats looping on vjay. I usually used 8 and 16 beats on djay 2 then I bought vjay. Thanks for the awesome apps anyway. You should try to improve vjay

I am using VJAY with WEGO2 and you can use more than 4 loop
I am waiting an update for really have MANUAL LOOPING MODE WITHOUT SNAP BEAT

Same question as the others. Why isn’t the loop longer. Software could be better…I payed for this?
I probably could find a software that was free to do what I need, but I tried vjay.
What a sucker we are for this ish