vjay with djay 2 style library?

I’ve been using vjay a lot recently and have been frustrated at how small the library screen appears to be - even on an iPad.

It would be brilliant if the library screen in vjay could behave in a similar way to the library screen now in djay 2, with similar features;

  • large screen view (switchable in the library page)
  • light/dark switch
  • sorting options … particularly when browsing your own videos - most of my videos are music videos with Artist, Title and BPM assigned in iTunes.
  • possibly the ability to preview the video without audio analysis?

Something else I’ve noticed is that on a smaller screen (eg iPod Touch) if you’re trying to select the first video in your personal videos list it is difficult if there are lots of videos…the first video appears to get obscured by the top ‘Done’ bar.

Storage of a history list in vjay would be helpful too.

It’s a shame the video library doesn’t support playlists in the same way the music library does.

A batch analysis feature would be amazing as well.

…maybe all features for vjay 2?!