vjay with iDJ pro - how does it work?

Ok, i tried to wrap my head around it, but i cant grasp it.

If i use the iDJ pro with vjay,

how do i get the video/audio on my tv?

the only thing i can think of is airplay. but airplay has a bad lag with the DJAY app for me. and with DJAY i cant use airplay, because the iDJ pro wont let me use the headphones + airplay. (WHY?)

any ideas?

iOS 5.1.1
djay: latest
vjay: not yet

I’ve tried everything to get the lag to next-to-nothing, and it simply can’t be done.

I set up a high-speed, dedicated network, and put the appleTV within a couple of feet (un-obstructed) of the router.

I connected everything via CAT5 that could possibly be connected.

It simply doesn’t work, that lag would be workable if it was consistent, but it’s not. Sometimes it’s half-a-second, sometimes FOUR seconds. Tons of dropouts, buffering, and black-screens (waiting for video stream). The problem is that you’re not allowing any video to buffer, because you’re mixing live. Until there is a way to send video out via a cabled connection (zero lag) it’s useless.

TRUST ME. I went to the apple store almost a dozen times purchasing equipment, and returning it later because it didn’t work.

If you want to pre-mix your videos, and simply play a video of your djing, then that’ll work, but what kind of live dj does that? Again- until there is video-out, cabled connection between Ipad/controller (Idj live/IDJpro) and tv/projector, the lag is debilitating.

AirPlay cannot be used with the Built-in output in general. This limitation has nothing to do with the iDJ Pro.

But yes, that would be the only way:

  • Use iDJ Pro as a controller
  • Output via AirPlay (no pre-cueing)

hi lads i have a similar problem but without the video i just want to stream any help is very much appreciated …


How could you?
The lag for airplay is way to high

Well to be fair it can be nice to record a mix and play it back later, for a nice little party at home for example. But getting all the video for a mix… well thats alot of work if you are not already into video.

But it is an exciting app! Looking forward to what else they’ll do with it. I dont really expect its 1080p yet, right?