Voice over screen reader when using a controller

Hello everyone. I hope I am posting this question in the correct category. if not I do apologize.

I am using Djay on iOS and iPad OS. This is because of the great accessibility integration with voice over. I am visually impaired and rely on the voice over to assist me from time to time when looking for a particular track. Djay is extremely well integrated with the built-in screen reader called voice over.

Everything works well until you plug in a controller… For some reason the app does not have a way of passing voice over audio threw the headphones as it does when connecting headphones directly to the iPad.

Is there a way that this can be fixed? This will really help the visually impaired community

Just bumping up this post. This is a very important topic for people like me and was hoping I would get a reply soon

Hi guys.

I am pleased to report that voiceover works on the mcx8000. Was able to route the voice over on the headphones. I just need to plug it into a system and see that it’s not coming out through the speakers.
I will update this thread for any other visually impaired users as I go along