Volume control has no effect on DJ Pro AI

iPadOS 15.7
After upgrading to the latest iPadOS, the volume control from the control center has no effect on the volume output of DJ app that is with the audio output to the PA through an USB-C headphone jack converter.
It was doing well before the upgrade.
Is there any suggestion on how to regain volume control through control center?
I really need a volume push.

Hi @Timeless,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to the djay community!

This is an issue that has been addressed in a recent update to djay Pro AI (v.4.0.11). Can you confirm if you have updated your application already?

If not, we kindly encourage you to do so, and if the issue persists feel free to reach back out to us!

Thank you for the quick response.

I think my app is up to date.

I also tried to remove the audio jack from the USB-C jack converter (that means the sound comes out from the iPad speakers) I can control the volume from the control center.
The problem starts when the audio jack is connected to the iPad. This is happening through all my venues.

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