Volume fader bleeding on low and bpm doubling out of nowhere IPad latest update

These seem to be new bugs for me streaming on tidal on iPad with a numark mixtrack pro fx

Hi @Funkedubs,

Thanks for reporting these issues you’ve encountered when using TIDAL on djay Pro AI for the iPad.

So that we can better assist you, could you please provide the following information:

  1. What iPad model are you currently using?
  2. Which OS version is running on your device?
  3. Which djay version are you using? (please open the djay settings and scroll down to determine the version number.)
  4. If you’re able to reproduce the behavior, could you please record a video of the issue occurring and drop it here? Just let me know when you’ve done so, and then I can further troubleshoot this with you.

Thanks in advance for the additional information!