I tried the auto volume match in Djay and although I appreciate the setting, it has some major work to be done. In my iTunes library I have the “Sound Check” button OFF in my playback preferences. Since I have over 47K songs in my library I’m hesitant to turn that function on. Does anyone use the DJay app with that setting on? If so, do you have any issues with song volumes matching?

Hi Doug,

This setting has no effect in djay.

What issues are you experiencing with Auto Gain?

I have to make adjustments on top of ones already auto’d and sometimes the songs are extrememly quieter

i have found that the sound check in itunes does the same thing, drops all songs down to the lowest level, rather than boosting those that are low, i assume djay does the same or similar thing. I just go by the level lights on the spin, adjusting myself.

I agree, what I think the problem is, he’s asking for volume sync were it levels your 2 channels into the same auto gain level. Additional it’s hard to slide the gain level in idj pro.