VOTE for djay access to Spotify offline!!!

Dear brothers and sisters, please go to Spotify Community and vote for idea of letting djay access to Spotify offline trucks. Success of this unique feature mainly is dependent on our kind request inside Spotify community.
This is second try within Spotify community, because first try was canceled due to small numbers of voters within definitive time.
So, please do it now!
Look for ides - Ability to use offline Playlists in the Djay app…

Thank you in advance!

Common guys/gals we are up to about 19 posts in the Spotify Forum. We can do better than that. We want to play Spotify offline from DJay the same as SPotify app right?

This is not entirely accurate. While a streaming service by default does require an internet connection to perform most who use any just about any service at this point (Prime Music, Apple Music, Spotify Deezer) and hell why not mention even video services (Netflix, Prime Video, etc.) are ALL allowing offline downloading (or caching) to be accessed for about a month before requiring re-authentication or an active internet connection again to continue functioning as normal.

THIS is the basis of streaming BUT let’s yet again keep in mind ANY and ALL of these streaming services offer these functions on the basis that NO END USER is using their service for commercial use or public play of any kind. This is where users are getting a bit lost. This thread at least recognizes this hurdle even if te be indirectly by asking users to offer their votes in order to change these facts. IMO this is the right way to go about this as opposed to blaming Algoriddim for something that is by no means their fault.

Another link for VOTE…


+1 Vote! I have to djay over my limited data plan in a remote location with no WIFI - sucks!!!

Spotify is a STREAMING SERVICE. You have to be online to stream.

If you want to play songs offline, you can buy the MP3 and download it.

Hope this helps!

I voted on both Forums.