VU Meter for Master Output

There are currently meters for track gain but not the master output. This is pretty much an essential feature (found in almost all other software). The meter could easily take to place of the record and sample buttons in the middle of the screen. (Record could go to the toolbar and samples could could in the sidebar with FX/loops).

While you’re at it, some yellow before hitting red would be great on the meters too. (Like every hardware mixer in the world). :slight_smile:

Hey there,

thank you for your feedback.

I opened an issue in our tracking system and will talk to our developers about adding VU master meter.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I agree but most important is that the Master VU meters should be very very long, to ready very well the current level we do have. A horizontal bar of multiple cm like serato seems to be the best solution.

Hey Lukas and Algoriddm reps,

It’s really great that you could add the master level meters in version 1.4

Unfortunately the way it’s been implemented makes it very hard to use (at least on my 13" screen)

The pop up box with the VU meters basically covers the top left corner of the screen, so that bpm, level, etc. for deck 1 are not visible while the meters are open

If you can’t integrate the master level meters in the UI (why not?) at least we should be able to drag the pop up box to a different part of the screen where it doesn’t cover important parts of the GUI

I can’t see that this point has even been addressed in DJ Pro 2. I can’t be the only one who thinks that this is quite an essential feature for a professional dj software!



As a DJ it’s crucial to see how loud the master-signal is. Unfortunately during a live situation, I’ve to use the mouse, move to the left corner and click a button to see how loud the master-signal is. And that’s a no go.

PLEASE finally add a new visual element which indicates how loud the master-signal is. And this element needs to be viewable all the time. AND it needs to indicate IF the signal is over-compressing the sound with a “RED” indicator which stays on top for a couple of seconds.