Watch out for this surprise unwanted happening, that should be fixed, by iTunes !!

I really really hope that there could be a way to stop the itunes “system feature” from cutting out all the live features that are going on when one is Djing “Live”, and then playing the preview, when pressed by accident. It was a very embarrassing thing to go on during a show, when it stops what you are playing to listen to a preview “live”. Everyone was not very happy, and it could put some people off, as to using the equipment at all. I think that it would be in there best interests for them to work this out, if they want us to buy music from them. Otherwise this could make them loose money, or make someone change their mind about using the “feature”. If you can’t control where the sound goes, then you should be able to disable the “System feature audio” While the decks are in operation. At least the best that could happen, is that your intended music will keep playing, and the worse that could happen, is you buy the wrong version of the song.#frustration,
but I could live with that. If the product makes you look bad, and believe me it did, then there may be a change of plans as to whether to use the device.