Wav view strange behavior

Greetings. I’m getting strange cross-talk from the horizontal wav view. Using my Denon MC4000 while in wav view (instead of the spinning vinyl view). I’ll be doing my thing, mixing, throwing in with the jog wheels when suddenly instead of manipulating the song that is in my headphone cue (channel upfader is down and cross fader is disengaged in software so it’s always in the middle) jog inputs start manipulating the actual playing-out song. It’s random but will happen several times during a 4 hour gig. It also happened to me a lot when I was using a soundcard-enabled mixer along with the trackpad + keyboard. Very unnerving. After blaming and reconfiguring my gear many times, I finally hypothesized that it could be related to the wav view and switched back to the vinyl view after about 5 months using the (more useful) wav view exclusively. I already miss the wav view. I can’t possibly be the only person experiencing this. Lastly, although the last major update added a ton of cool features to the trackpad, I think that’s also when I first started to experience this glitch.

I don’t use the trackpad for anything beyond searching for songs in the library when using a controller. I have another post that pertains to this happening when I’m using just a soundcard-enabled mixer and my keyboard/trackpad here’s the link to that similar problem. http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

Just to add some more info, I was having a play with a different controller in vinyl mode and the same thing happened. I was winding a song back with the deck 2 jog while the deck 2 song was in my headphone cue with the crossfader in the middle but with the upfader down while there was a song playing out on deck 1 and all of a sudden deck 1 started winding back too as if it was confused. I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this at all.

Hi Tucker,

our apologies for the misbehaviour.

So while mixing you are using your trackpad a lot? Could you tell us which actions you perform with the trackpad?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.