Waveform and high contrast.

The truth is that the waveform display customization options are excellent, but it could be even better. You could add the visualization option that each deck has its waveform individually (such as Traktor, PCDJ DEX PRO or future.dj pro). Also add the option to be able to move the PlayMarker Position (red line in the waveform).
Last but not least, being able to have the high contrast option, where the background is white, would be of great help to solve the reflection of the sun. Thank you very much for listening to our suggestions.

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Luego de publicar la sugerencia, encontré que varios de los topicos ya fueron solicitados. Espero que esto le sume importancia al pedido o active a los cerrados.

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Hey @Gabriel_Gonzalez ,

Thank you for writing these suggestions down and for your time here in the Community.

We’ll be happy to look into the state of each of those and keep you posted when we have an update. Cheers!