Waveform improvement

I love how you can breakdown the waveform into its stems but it would be far more useful if the top 2 stems could be combined and just play the original waveform whilst having the smaller 3rd stem just show incoming lyrics.

Having it all separated is a little daunting visually and the saying “greater than the sum of their parts” particularly applies to the original waveform. You might not be able to see lyrics in the original waveform easily but you can see overall energy which you just can’t when in stem view.

I know you have the entire track waveform but I need it in the middle too.

Oh, I can get behind this one, if I’m understanding correctly…and there seem to be 2 requests here:
the ability to resize the neural mix stem waveforms, and the ability to simply view one of the chosen Neural mix stems on top of (in preference to) rhythm and melodic/instruments stems. Right?
my two thumbs up to these feature request suggestions

Thanks for sharing this suggestion, @John_Zealand-Doyle! Based on your feedback along with @heysoundude’s post, it sounds like you’re looking for more flexibility in terms of which and how the Neural Mix stems are displayed in djay. I’ve passed this feedback on to our development team so they can take it into consideration for future developments related to Neural Mix waveforms. We appreciate your support!

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