Waveform lag reloop buddy iPad Pro

Currently using reloop buddy with iPad Pro , recently Ive been getting waveform lag on streaming & files formats . I’ve troubled shot the best to my old age ability (switch on and off , reinstalled the apps, hit with hammer , given it a good old talking too) but the problem is persisting , anyone have suggestions ? Tia

Which streaming service are you using?
If you’re using Tidal, you can try lowering the sound quality in Settings->Library->TIDAL
If you’re using Beatport LINK Professional, try adding the songs to the offline locker.

Tidal ,

I’ve put it onto hifi, hopefully that will help. Strange it’s only started doing this recently . I’ll update soon as .

Thank you

There have been some bugs with the higher quality settings in Tidal recently.

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Hey @Dannyalls ,

Thanks for writing about this here in the Community!

As @Slak_Jaw rightly pointed out, there have been some issues with the Tidal HiFi settings: just writing to check, have these issues been solved for you ever since?

I’ll be on the lookout for your reply. Have a nice day!