Waveform orientation

Back in 2020, I used to use Djay Pro for iPhone for mixing. If I turned my phone horizontally, the waveform would extend horizontally across the screen (as it would on a mixer).

Re-downloaded the app and now I’ve found either way I turn the phone, the waveform is vertical. It’s really frustrating as I can’t see an option to change this.

Could somebody please help!!! Thank you so much.

@willkc22 select the little down arrow near the top left of the waveform. Near the bottom of this pop up menu you can change the waveform orientation from vertical to horizontal.


Thank you.

Only issue is, when I turn my phone horizontal, the option of orientation disappears. When my phone is vertical it is there, however.

Any ideas how to change this??

You’re welcome. Have you updated to the latest djay version? Can you provide some screen shots so I can be of more help? This drop down menu is also available for Deck 2 near the bottom right of the waveform.
Worst case scenario, you can change to horizontal waveforms by accessing the menu when your phone is vertical. Note that changing to horizontal waveforms via this menu will make them horizontal no matter which orientation your phone is in. It doesn’t automatically switch between vertical and horizontal waveforms based on your phone orientation.


Hi thanks so much for your replies. I found a fix! If you have the jog wheel toggle enabled in-app, the option to change orientation is not visible once phone in landscape (could be a glitch not sure, or simply there wouldn’t be enough space to see it alongside the jog wheels). Simply by disabling the in-app jog wheel I got the full horizontal waveform option!

Just how I remember it!!

Thank you though for your responses, really helpful!


You learn something new everyday :wink:


Hey @willkc22 ,

Thank you for posting regarding this here in the Community.

S/O @Slak_Jaw for the useful info shared and @maurizio_T for the nice and friendly post.

Writing to confirm that, along the lines of what @willkc22 described in his latest post, the option to change orientation won’t be available while in landscape mode on the phone, due to the fact there wouldn’t be enough space to see it alongside the jog wheels.

Always awesome to see how communicative and supportive you are with each other. Cheers!

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Every time I look for an answer to a DJ pro question it seems your the guy who provides it. Hope you’re well dude. You still in Vietnam?

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@Michael_Juska hahaaa! Happy to help. I’m doing great thanks! Left Vietnam over a year ago actually. Guessing you’re still there?

Nah mate. Left at a similar time. Been in Brazil almost 6 months

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