Waveform separation shapes

Hi! I love how powerful is the separation engine. But, once I separate, for instance I keep just vocals, I cannot see anymore the extracted waveform shape. It would be great to see somehow shadowed the removed part of the waveform. It is very useful to preview in this way what is the waveform contents, what it was removed, what it was left. It is a strictly UI/GUI request.

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Good idea. I agree. I believe this is what Serato and/or Virtual DJ does.

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Are they talking about NeuralMix stems?

(One of the things I think I’d like in a future version of djay -feature request, I guess- is an autogain bump to compensate for the decrease in overall track gain caused by removing elements using NeuralMix. An optional thing in djay, user selectable on the fly…a switch maybe)


@heysoundude no, I was reffering to interface only.

Here too! Need the shadow to oversee the track in the background.

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