Waveform Zoom Out Limit Beyond 4 Bars?

Why is the zoom out limit set to 4 bars and not further on ipad? CDJs allow me to zoom out to 8 bars - which is incredibly useful when lining up tracks on longer buildup/breakdown sections. I never miss a phrase that way. Just wanted to know if this is a limitation somewhere or would it be as simple as adjusting a max setting somewhere?

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Ignore the deleted post, I was working in beats not bars….

Depending on your device 4 bars ahead of the playhead is the max.

Weirdly that is on an 11” iPad Pro, the 12.9” iPad Pro will only display 3 bars ahead of the playhead.

Why the larger screen will show less information is a bit of a mystery.

12.9” M1 iPad Pro above.

11” M2 iPad Pro above.

I also use the smaller whole track waveform to identify phrasing as well, which helps narrow things down…

There is another suggestion on the forum regarding allowing us to move the playhead to the left, so there is more ‘upcoming’ and less ‘history’ on the waveform display…

Not been implemented yet though……


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Thanks for more eloquently phrasing the problem :slight_smile:

I use virtualDJ and turns out there are a lot of features missing on djay:

  • Seeing up to 16 bars ahead of the playhead
  • The playhead can be left aligned
  • Songs in proximity to current key have checkmarks or indicators next to them without having to sort by key
  • Resetting BPM is an automation that gradually reduces/speeds up to 0%
  • library browser has some very useful optional columns: comments, date added, year, last played (visible date)
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Hi @sooteee and @eponym,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us regarding djay for iOS.

We’ve gone ahead and passed these suggestions along to our engineering team for further consideration/reference and will update this topic as new information comes along.

Looking forward to your next great set of suggestions!

Hello everyone, I’m happy to report that waveform zoom out factor has been increased on the latest version of djay Pro 5.1.1. Also we’ve enhanced the drawing of detail waveforms during scrubbing and beat jumps.

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