We cant wait anymore. Allow offline files now!

DJ’ing is about using your creativity to create a dope mix, and you are not able to do that with spotify songs only. Please do something about it.

Hey Nicolai,

you are able to use any offline not DRM protected audio file you want with any of our djay solutions.

Can you tell me what problem you are facing with your files?

Hey there,

regarding the Offline usage of Spotify. We know that this is the biggest topic to our users. Please note that “Sandboxing” is not an Apple security feature, it is by Spotify and therefore, applicable to Windows machines as well.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’m only guessing, but if you can use DJPro but have Spotify “offline”, this may help prevent “hangin up” issues because of wifi or hotspot issues.

Am I guessing that this would be one of the positives other than you could use DJPro when no streaming is available…which is a huge plus as well.

Can anyone at Algoriddim, address these two points?

This is a cop-out corporate cookie-cutter reply. You know what the OP means. We all know that Spotify offline isn’t supported. Can you tell us why? The legality, licensing, money, etc? Assuming it’s possible, what would that mean? A licensing fee too high to be worth it? I think I understand the “sandboxing” security thing that apple has… but what about Windows?