Wego 4 not recognising Android devices

i there, I’ve inherited a Wego 4 with all the original cables. It works fine with iPad. However I have 2 Android devices and I can’t get either to recognise the controller.

The manual states I need the USB cable that came with the Wego and USB Host Mode cable to then connect to my android device… I believe they mean an OTG cable. I’ve purchased this

it functions fine as a USB converter cable - it recognises keyboards and HDs etc… however when I plug in the Wego 4 I get nothing.

I’ve tried using the DJay 2 app and the DJay app. I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A 2019 and a Google Pixel 4. Both experience the same issue of not recognising the Wego.

Can someone please help?

Hi @Damo_Gramo,

Thanks for posting on our community.

So that we can better assist you, we kindly ask that you collect some information from your Android device. To do this, could you please download the MIDI Scope app on your device and follow these steps:

  1. Open the MIDI Scope app and then connect the controller to your device.
  2. In the app, press the little arrow below CLEAR LOG and select your controller.
  3. When you move any controls on your controller, you should start to see messages added to the log in the app.
  4. If possible, please record a video capturing the app behaviour and send the video to us.

Upload your video file directly to our Dropbox service using this direct link: Upload to Dropbox.

Thanks in advance for your time.