Wego DJ pro static/crackle/popping

I Have a crackle/static/noise issue with DJay Pro. I’m running An Ipad mini 2 and DDJ-Wego3. I have updated to latest version of Djay Pro(as well as my IOS) today and problem still exists. It is an intermittent problem that seems to affect some of the same tracks but not immediately after boot(perhaps they are taxing the Ipad more than others). Unplugging the ipad and replugging it in or rebooting the app makes it go away for a very short time but I have figured out a (temporary) solution to keep it from happening on my system.

It seems it only happens when browsing for tracks in the maximized tracklist. If you use the little dropdown box(default view) instead the sound isn’t there. I’m going to continue troubleshooting it a little tomorrow to see if a ground loop problem is also contributing or if it happens even on battery power (plan on powering the mixer via usb power pack just to be sure of no ground loop). Also going to try it in DJay 2 as I have both ,although I don’t really use the reg version anymore. Will let you know of results.

I’m hoping this bug can be addressed in later versions so I can use the maximized tracklist…I have some pretty long track names.

Hi Roy,

oh that doesn’t sound good, can you please contact our support via support@algoriddim.com and tell them which djay and iOS version you are using. We will help you out as fast as possible, thank you.

Lukas E.