Went live on DJay Pro 2 on MAC with no issues.

I volunteered to DJ a FIRST Lego League FLL event. Unpaid Saturday morning gig seemed like the perfect venue to go live with Djay Pro 2. Until now it has been DJay Pro only. I have an apprentice helping me. I was in DJay Pro 2 on Mac with controller and he was on Djay Pro iPad Pro stand alone. We both patched audio into my sound mixer between us. There my apprentice could mute my iPad and with confidence get ready. This gave us 8 decks to work with between us. We had no issues with DJay on either platform. I will need to move over my cue points and FX to the iPad which I had not done yet. I assume I can do that? Anything too funky or complex I did on the MAC. I have the confidence to move forward with both these in production although I need more flight time on the iPad Pro to get used to it. Another thing worth noting is the iPad was charged at 100% at 7:30 AM and was only at 50% when it ended at 3:30 PM Not sure if DJay Pro 2 is coming out for iPad Pro soon (or at all)

Code? What does that mean?