Wet/Dry For x Y Kaos Padish FX.

Is there a way to control the wet/dry level of the effects for the XY (kaos) pad style effects? This would make the Numark iDj Pro absolutely perfect. It just seems the effects come on so heavy, no matter where you tap. I know you can control it with the effects button and knob but it would be great to at least be able to preset how strong the effects come on, when using the pads. It is not so much of a gripe, I have been Djing for over 15 years and this has made Djing fun again. I would love the added control though.

Yes and I don’t know if it is me, but the output volume drops on mine Idj pro when I kick in the effects I have to adjust the volume of the track or master to make up the difference. Wondered if there was some kind of adjustment I could make.

I also added a Kaospad mini 2 into the end of the chain for some post fader effects. works a treat.