What about adding more dj and midi controllers support for ipad and iphone?

I hope Algoriddim team will add new supported controllers and mapping customization for them because its a new step in digital DJing i think. :slight_smile:

For example now i using iPhone 5 with “DJ Player 7” installed software and Vestax VCI-400 DJ controller which connected via Apple’s “Lightning to USB camera adapter” cable. All works perfect + you can made your own custom mappings for DJ controller or download them directly from program menu.

It will be a big step forward because most djs (me too) prefer to use “Algoriddim djay” app.


btw: here is a video with “how it works” answers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohwcKt…

We just added support for Reloop Beatpad!

I own iPad 2, unjailbreaked with djay, djay 2 and vjay applications bought from App store.

I also own an AKAI LPD8 controller which works with iPad right out of the box - I’ve tested it with MIDI monitoring software and all is good.

So, I can’t use my controller because djay application doesn’t allow me to modify the bindings stored in simple xml files? You’re forcing me to jailbreak my iPad in order to make modifications to use any controller I might have?

Then, why should I support you? Why should I ever buy any update if I must jailbreak my iPad to make my hardware work with your software? Why if your desktop software supports MIDI learn? Am I asking too much?

any chance to see Vestax VCI-400 controller support or MIDI learn setting for any USB Class Compliant MIDI controllers in next djay releases?

I’d like to see the Vestax VCM-100 added to the ipad controllers. I’ve been using it for a long time with my macbook and djay for mac. I would think that would not be that much of a stretch to have it supported natively with the iPad (iPad 2 or 1 or all). Looking forward to the expansion to include “legacy” controllers.