What Android tablet should I buy for Djay2 ?

I tried Djay2 with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (Lollipop) just to see if it was possible.
I tried both on the phone and connected with OTG cable to Reloop Beatpad.
On both options, the response was slow, juddery and waveform didn’t match where the song was etc. Pretty much useless.

On the iPad 4th Generation it is spot on and works flawlessly without any lag at all. Its great fun to use Reloop Beatpad with the Djay2 on iPad.

As a Android user I would like to go for an Android Tablet, but would like to know which tablet I need to go for to have same flawless experience as the iPad. Any experiences ?

Hi Jan,

Please contact our support team so we can see what fits well for your purposes -> support(at)algoriddim.com