What are the minimum system requirements for DJAY Pro to run on the IoS platform?

Since I simply cannot find an Android based Tablet that will run this program, I am forced to look at an iPad. This is really the ONLY app I need to work because it is being used as a backup to my DJ music library. What are the minumum system requirements?

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Please note that djay Pro is a Mac software only.

Our iOS software is djay 2. You can use it with any iOS device that is up to iOS 7 and higher.

You can get djay 2 at the Google Play Store, as well.

It can only be used by:

  • devices that do NOT run an Intel Chip
  • devices that are up to Android 4.1 or higher

OK, after evaluating Apple, I am reminded why I WON’T buy an Apple product. So, Let me try it THIS way.
What Android products WILL this app work with?