What are the new showing and exporting features of DJay on Mac?


The recent update to the Mac version of DJay Pro 2 has the following details attached.

• Added support for showing tracks in Music app on macOS 10.15 Catalina
• Added support for exporting playlists to Music app on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Does anyone know what it means by “showing” tracks in the Music app?

Also, how do you export playlists to the Music app?

I have a lot of playlists I update within the “My Library” section and would be good to be able to share these out to the Music app for syncing to other devices if that’s at all possible with this update.

Any help as to what these updates mean would be appreciated.



I can now see that if you “right click” on tracks in DJay the option to show in Music App is in the context menu.


However when I “right click” on playlists created in My Library, the only option that opens up in the context menu is “delete”.


So doesn’t seem to be able to export to the Music App for some reason.

Hi Dj Retina,

You can direct to the location of your Music tracks in the Music application and also export My Library playlists created with Music tracks to your Music App.

You can export a playlist in the My Library by right clicking it.

I hope this is helping.