What controllers are you using 🤔

Im loving pro 5 , demo ing

Its wicked, so well designed and gridding is amazing .

Im a prior traktor user, i was going to go serato for flip functions , would be nice to do similar in djay pro , but you can with pads etc live.

What controller set up do people use,

Im.thinking getting a reloop mixtour or mixtour all as my mixer / fader set up.

And i like to use pads for cues , slicer , saved loops etc . Maybe for stems.

I was think either pioneer dj ddj-sp1 or ddj - xp2. Anyone using either?

What do you use? Any using a pad or controller of the x y fx pad fuction ?

Would be great to hear about others sets ups :+1:

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Hi. I am fairly new to DJay. I came from Serato to Denon prime. I have a Reloop Mixon 8. the build quality is good enough. im using an iPad so I love the fact that I can just use 1 usb c cable to have power and info to the controller and its got an iPad stand. im loving how good the beat gridding is. I do a lot of weddings with multi genre, not in time playing and I can mix v easily and loop due to the amazing gridding.

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Yes the grids are excellent, amazing

Ive not had to try adjust any when testing it out

I have a Mixon 8. Although the right platter isn’t working properly, sticking. Gone for repair, hopefully will get sorted. I am open to other hardware possibilities. What are your set ups?

Is anyone using prime 4 or 4*. What’s the stock mapping like?

What other combinations are people using?

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Im used to the modular set ups

Coming from trakor, i used x1, z1 and f1 ar times.

Im looking to do something similar with pro 5.

I guess my best option would be a mixtour or mixtour pro , and i guess i could map my existing X1 for fx and additional

I think id prefer to get the pioneer dj ddj-xp2 as the 2nd controller. …

Im open to ideas tho , if anyone has some pointers ,

Im.not sure how easy the mapping would be eith dj ddj-xp2 on pro 5

Rane One is fantastic. Ive been using this for the past few years every weekend with no issues.


Rane one is ace,

Ive used it before,
Not sure id kike to take it to a gig …but its fantastic

I’m using a Reloop Mixon 8 Pro with a Midi Fighter Twister and Midi Fighter Spectra for gigs. My portable setup swaps the Mixon 8 for the Reloop Ready. I had a Denon Prime 4 which worked great with djay, but was a beast to carry to gigs. I also prefer running djay on an iPad over a laptop.


Can you use prime 4 with iPad? I would put cover on prime 4 screen and have iPad on stand over it. What was the mapping like?

You can definitely use the Prime 4 with iPad. Yeah, put the Prime 4 screen flat with cover on it then the iPad on top of the cover. Mapping was good, but I made some personal tweaks.


Ahh very cool mate. Great back drop as well. Could you share your mapping please :pray:


@Dysfunk_DJ, yeah that was a great venue. Back when I was living in Vietnam.

Here’s the mapping and key. These are almost 2 years old now so if you have questions about them, I probably don’t remember the answers :smirk:.

P4 Normal EQ-Filter+Pad FX-PitchCue SJ4.djayMidiMapping (224.0 KB)


Cool man, nice one. Take it needs to be in computer mode? I’m thinking of maybe prime 4 + if Mixon 8 comes back with more issues.

@Dysfunk_DJ, yeah it needs to be in computer mode for sure. Honestly, I loved DJing on this setup. Build quality and layout is excellent. The OLED FX displays are really nice to have as well. I just didn’t like carrying it to gigs. It’s a beast. Plus it’s a pretty expensive unit to use exclusively as a DJ controller and not as a standalone unit.

EDIT: If you’re going to use it only with djay, you should try to find a regular Prime 4 on sale. The + doesn’t add a ton of functionality if you’re going to mainly use it as a controller and not in standalone mode IMO.

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That’s true. I would probably if I got one put a 1tb sata drive in it so can use both, iPad and standalone. Best of both

Check out this TheDJLab YouTube post:

There’s no doubt InMusic and Algoriddim should be partnering.


I know what you mean, it is a lot just to use with iPad. I’m just not feeling the original prime 4 colour layout. Like a Christmas tree Lol. Prime four + just looks better. I’ll keep options open. Plus who knows what’s coming down the line. With djay 5.++ there will be opportunities with hardware integrations. Just a question of when.

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I saw there is a mapping for the akai amx,

Im.going to try that , i have an amx and always liked it.

I guess its a case of downloading the mapping life and placing it in a Djay pro 5 file directory?

Im on a mac book pro, anyone know?

Hi @Converted, yes, just download the MIDI mapping and put it in the djay folder. Then you should be able to select it from within the djay Settings>MIDI Devices after you have connected the hardware.

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thank you appreciated

do , I add both files to that folder - text file and the other mapping file