What difference does the Apple M1 chip make to djay pro AI?

I’m a newcomer here, experienced DJ with a Denon Prime setup and have recently installed the trial of djay pro AI. I’m drawn here because of the Neural Mixing capability.

I see in the documentation online that having the M1 chip in a Mac is advantageous for the AI stuff due to the Neural Processor.

However what actual difference does it make to the software in practice?

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In my experience of an iPad Air 2020 with an A15 chip, a iPad Air 2022 with an M1 chip, and MacBook Pro with an M1 chip… it doesn’t make a noticeable difference. The main thing is that your device had a neural processor to make the cleanest sounding stems. All of the above do.

I noticed a difference going from an iPhone X to an iPhone 12 Pro in the sound quality when separating the stems.

Performance is always going to be a little slicker too, but again, that’s barely noticeable in my experience.

All the actual features remain the same across compatible iOS devices. The MacBook is more feature reach.