What file formats are supported for Djay Pro IOS

I’ve looked everywhere but I could not find a concise list of supported audio file formats. I want to use lossless like FLAC. What are all the file formats that are supported?

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Hi there all most all audio files are supported Wav, mp3 etc. why are you looking to use only lossless

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because lossless hasn’t lost anything

hey mainframe well despite apple music not supporting flac I’m happy to tell you Djay does

That is the obvious, however, when you’re playing at a function, besides the files, being extremely large, people don’t really care about lossless music. Rather use 320kbs MP3s

probably because they can carry around more, smaller files on their device without any drop in audio quality.

I think lossless make a significant difference if played on high-end audio systems. Even inexpensive mobile systems can benefit. People may not concisely know the difference but good quality sound can help a set. Data storage is dirt cheap. So why not lossless?

Hey folks,

Thanks for addressing this question here in the Community. Definitely a lively discussion :slight_smile:

Just writing to quickly confirm that all the mentioned formats should work, just be aware of DRM-protected files, along the lines of the information linked below: