What iPad app is best for the Numark Mixtrack 2?

I’m trying to hook up a gen 2 iPad to a Numark Mixtrack 2, and I’m having issues. Can anyone help? Will the djay2 work for me?


You need to place this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lokok2uqylm…

in the iTunes file sharing section on you pc/Mac in the Djay folder. This is the midi map for the numark mix track pro II.

Next you need to buy the camera connection kit from Apple and a powered USB hub. Connect the hub to the power, then the Mixtrack to the hub. Start djay2 on the iPad and then plug in you ipad, via the camera connection kit, to the hub. Bingo! One DJ mixing desk!

This works for me.

Have fun!


The Numark Mixtrack II is only natively supported by djay Pro, our Mac software. You should be able to use it by plug-and-play.
However, it is NOT supported by djay 2.