What is Hardware Mode?


I am using Algoriddim dJay on iPad together with Reloop Mixon 8.

In the different modes in djay 5.0.3. I have also the option “Hardware Mode”, but I can’t figure out what exactly this means?

Now I use 4-deck layout most of the time.

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@DJ_Big_Blender Hardware Mode is simply a different User Interface that removes some of the touch screen controls that aren’t really needed when using a DJ controller.

So you do recommend to use this when hardware is connected?

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It’s really up to your own personal preference. I prefer hardware mode when using a controller.

I am 25 days behind you. Just bought the mix on Pro and iPad Pro. And had exactly the same question as you. Thanks

How are you liking the Mixon 8 and iPad Pro combo? I have both as well and use hardware mode. Just seems to be cleaner layout.

It is good. The hardware quality is not up to the standard of my denon prime x1850 and sc6000 . I don’t really find neural mix controls on it very usable. I would have to map it a different way. And actually my new Mixon 8 Is faulty see this post.

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