What is the best Pioneer controller for Djay 5 PRO AI

Been using CDJs and Pioneer Controllers (DDJ-RX, DDJ-1000) and Standalones XDJ-XZ for most of my career. I am a die hard Pioneer fanboy but have been tempted by the stems and smooth performance of DJAY on my M1 MAcbook. I’m willing to purchase a new Pioneer controller, but what device provides the most seamless experience with djay? I would purchase a Reloop device (Mixon 8) but find the symmetrical layout confusing as I frequently use CDJs in the club (off USB). Don’t want to get a pair of CDJs as they are a pain when doing MobileDJ gigs, so prefer a single unit (of any size)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t answer your question in regards to a Pioneer controller but I can recommend a Rane One

The question of the “best controller” can only ever be answered subjectively. The Flx4 is very well integrated by default, but I don’t think that’s the device class you have in mind :wink:
The list of compatible devices (DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim) could be the starting point for your further decision.

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If you’ve got a DDJ-RX and a XDJ-XZ already, why not use those?

The XDJ-XZ doesn’t seem to work very well. The large screen in the middle is unused as the in-jog screens show a marker but it’s laggy. Further, since the unit has a hardware EQ I can’t map stems to the EQ buttons. I figured a better ‘class compliant’ unit would work better, but can’t seem to find one that has full size jogs and works flawless with Djay. I did browse the compatible hardware section.

Ideally the fLX10 would be ideal but it’s not yet 100% compatible.

I think that generally, Algoriddim don’t provide support for screens on any controller. Atomix do for VirtualDJ so the info is there, assuming Algoriddim have access to the same SDK as other software devs.

As has been mentioned in recent comparisons by online reviewers, this is one area where Algoriddim fall behind.

The SB3 or a controller works real good this Algoriddim app. Don’t get a controller with to many options.