What is the maximum size of a mp3-file to load?

Hi Guys,

DJ 4.2.2 (german) crashes while loading a 564 MB MP3 “to a turntable” after aprox. 75% of loading/analyzing.

I am using a am MAC Book Pro, 16 GB RAM, OSX 10.9.2.

Is the file size limited?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Jens,

Is it possible for you to send us this file for testing? -> support(at)algoriddim.com

You can upload it to e.g. Dropbox and send me the public link.

Quick update: I was able to reproduce the problem. I’ll get back to you soon.

Our developers are already looking into the problem. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do on your end to fix this.

As far as I know, it’s not a problem with file corruption. And no, unfortunately, it’s still under investigation.


Sorry, i’am just back from Paraguay :expressionless: right now. Thats why i didn’t answered last week.
The file size is 564 MB, so eMail does not work. Do you have any FTP-Server to upload? Or do you know any transfer-service which accepted files over 500MB of size!?
If not i have to search for another solution, pssbl. my own server… It would be cool, if you can fix my problem :slight_smile:

Thanks, and yes, the error is replicable…



OK, you’ve got an E-Mail.

Hi Warren!
No ideas to fix the problem!?

Hi Warren. They didn’t fixed it, aren’t they?!
Is my mp3-file corrupted, or is it a common problem?
Or maybe both?