What is this guy doing? How can my son do it?

Hi all,

I am not at all technically schooled, but my son wants to do some DJing, ans I i’d like him to do so.
So we bought the Hercules Universal Controller and he already has experience with DJ2 for Ipad, because he likes to use Spotify and stay on budget.

It looks like the Hercules Universal DJ is not natively supported, but this guy succeeded in matching the Hardware wit DJ2 on Ipad:


This is the setup we want to use.
It’s in Italian. I understood that he downloaded a mapping file to match both. But how do I install such a file on the Ipad of my son?

The more I search for answers, the more I get confused, please help!



There is only one way i know to do it and thats not easy and requires a macbook … Take a look here at the instructions from Tank Jones … http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

Thx for the reply!
I actually succeeded in combining DJay2 (and spotify) and the Hercules Universal the way it is shown in the YouTube movie .
My son is very happy :wink:

Hi Karel, Did you have a specific mapping file in Djay ?

look here: http://www.bayer-edv.de/clients/hercu…