What just happened

So I just updated the new firmware and now I can’t cut and play.

Before I go to bed I like to mess around for about 30 min. I will load an instrumental track on player 2 (idj pro) and load a sample track on player 1 and just practice some cuts. I just plug my headphones into the controller, the controller is not hooked up to speakers. Now because of the firmware update I can no longer do this! Is there a workaround? Thanks for your help in advance


Hi Lou,

Please try rebooting the iDJ Pro and your iPad. If that doesn’t help, please let me know.

Did the version 1.6.3 update to my ipad3 iPhone 4 and 5 and the only one that works with Idj pro is the iPhone 4. The others do not have the “audio device setup” menu and just play through there speakers or will not work at all.

So I reset my iPad and started as a new iPad. Re downloaded all apps and music and now it seems to be working fine with Idj pro.