What mixers can be mapped well that have XLR outputs.

I’m looking for a mixer with XLR outputs that doesn’t cost 1k like the Mixon 8.
That looks like the perfect mixer for me, but way too expensive.
Do any of you have recommendations for something around £500.
For use with my iPad and/or MacBook.
Thanks in advance

One option:
Use an External Mixer to get XLR outputs. For example, the Yamaha MG06x mixer is around US$150; pair this with a US$300 DJ Controller and you’ve got XLR outs for around US$500.

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Numark NS4FX ( approx. US$500)

djay Pro officially supports the NS4FX on macOS, but you will have to manually map it on iOS. note: In the USA, it is exclusively sold by Guitar Center.


I’ve actually just bought one of these exact Yamaha mixers for this.
I use the Reloop Buddy. Sometimes with my MacBook sometimes with my iPad.
Cheers :facepunch:t3:

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I’m surprised there aren’t more products like this for the iPad djay community…

and before you get all “I said I wanted XLR outputs” on me, read the manual to see that the outputs are balanced, meaning you can consider using adapters:

The ipad dock charges your iPad and provides USB power to whatever controller you want to pair with your rig, so no crazy powered hubs and USB-lightning cabling to remember. And the mic inputs let you have an MC/rapper etc or do karaoke. the unit above even has a video output i’d wager you can even play videos out through

But digging deeper, I think I can understand why the unit i found is discontinued -there are many different types of iPad now. So that means you have to look for a USB audio interface. the smaller portable ones have TRS jack outputs, so you’ll need adapters (Trust me, get the cables rather than just the adapters)

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