What platforms is the Numark NS4FX supported on?

I’m going to buy a Numark NS4FX and I’m hoping to use it with DJay, but I’m a little confused with the DJay Supported Controllers page.
The NS4FX is only listed to be compatible with the Mac version of DJay, but not under Windows or even iOS, Can someone confirm wether or not it’s supported on Windows and iOS out of the box?

I can’t verify that, but if that’s what it says, I would assume that’s correct. There are a lot of devices that are not supported on all platforms that DJay Pro is available for.

Hey @3shoes @Chris_R ,

Thank you for discussing this topic here in the Community.

I can confirm that the Numark NS4FX is not currently supported by djay Pro AI on iOS or Windows.

However, I will pass along your request for this device to our developers for future consideration! I can share that our team is constantly working to make the various hardware on the market compatible with djay.


Hoping that you’ll add support for this controller especially on Windows. I’m forced to use Serato witht this controller for now, but I really would prefer coming back to DJay. Thanks for the reply!

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