What’s Included in the Newest Update to djay Pro AI on iOS (3.8)?

With the release of iOS and iPadOS 15, a new update to djay Pro AI on iOS is now available in the App Store that includes all new exciting features only available with the new OS. These include:

  • NEW: Shazam integration
  • NEW: Master audio output effects using Audio Unit effect plug-ins

Other additions in this update include:

  • NEW: Mixer section with waveforms in Video mode on iPad
  • Several NEW settings:
    • Show bar numbers and minute markers in detail/overview waveforms
    • Sync BPM only for manual beat matching
    • Choose beat sync interval (1 or 4 beats)
    • Show Start CUE button instead of Set/Jump
    • Set Start CUE at beginning of loop
    • Auto-play when triggering cue point
  • Option to load song when previewing tracks in media library

In addition, the following improvements were included:

  • Improved level meters to more accurately reflect audible volume
  • Improved slip mode and enabled blinking of SLIP buttons on MIDI controllers while slipping
  • Improved set cue behavior: snap to beat when quantize is ON

Big thanks to our Community for your ongoing support and feedback! As always, if you have any additional feedback, suggestions, or questions about the update or anything djay-related, please post here in the Community or reach out via email any time.

Your Algoriddim Team


Great update! I’m very happy to see the bar number settings, improvements to the sync settings and level meters.
Emily can you please explain what the “Set Start CUE at beginning of loop” setting does? Thanks!


Hi fella, I’ve had a play with the setting and it basically moves the ‘start’ cue point (the white one you set independently of the hot cues) to the point you start a loop.

So if you have your CUE (white) start at the beginning of a track so can quickly hop back there, with this option set, as soon as you start a loop, that CUE point will move to the start of your loop.

It only seems to move the CUE point with the Auto and Manual loop settings though, if you use the Grid, Saved or Bounce loops the CUE point stays where it was.

I can see a use for it but probably something I wouldn’t set permanently.

Hope that’s helped…



Still no support for DVS or time code vinyl… :triumph:

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Hey @Slak_Jaw, It looks like @sooteee beat me to the explanation, and everything he’s said is correct (thanks, @sooteee! :raised_hands:).

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! :musical_note:

Perfect! Thanks for the explanation @sooteee! I can see myself using this setting.

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When are you guys going to update the lasers, bombs, and horns?


Thanks for checking in, @E_Flem. I’ll push your request again for updated samples with our Dev Team. In the meantime, if there are any samples you already have and would like to add to djay, you can import them in directly. Here’s an FAQ about how to do that on iOS.

I was thinking since phase is now usb supported in Serato
I would like to see djay add phase !!!

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@John_WashingtonPhase Dj integration...

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