Phase Dj integration...

Phase Dj is a success without a doubt. An integration with DJay Pro Ai would be a sudden change in the game. Being able to use the Turntables in this wonderful program would be sensational. I would even pay to have this function as an expansion… :ok_hand:t4:

Hey Fernando,

Thanks for posting this request in the Community.

The MWM Phase is a very interesting (and popular) device.

I’ll pass this request along to our development team for future consideration. Your feedback is very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay Community. It would be cool to see other Community users vote for this request. Feel free to comment below if you would like to see this device integrated with djay.

I’ll keep you guys posted with any updates here.


Would love to see this as well so that we wouldn’t be siloed into using only RANE 12 MKIIs

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YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! I am desperately wanting to separate from Serato. Once Djay Pro has this, I can say goodbye to Serato ALTOGETHER!!!



agree that phase integration would be a huge asset especially for those of us who want to act like classic turntableists.


I’m also looking forward for this integration!
It will definitely be a huge plus for Djay Pro AI.


Awesome oportunity to se what we can do with turntables, PHASE X DJAY PRO!!!

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Hello just thought I would check in to see if there is any updates on using Phase with DJay Pro, the Phase controllers are plug and play HID now and seems like with them just controlling the transport paired with the likes of an Pioneer S-11 would be Bomb’in. Very interested in adding Pro Ai into my setup. This would change the game for sure…