What tags does the rating column show? (Windows version of djay PRO 5 with local files)

Where tracks are coming from hard disk, if I display the rating column in the song library view it never shows any stars. I realise there is a big lack of standards for star ratings in metadata, so have tried setting various different tags in the hope of having something show up in djay PRO but to no avail. Can you reveal what tag or tags this column is mapped from please?

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Hi @mikeb187, looks like you may have uncovered another bug. Here’s my observation from checking my own library on Windows. It seems that star ratings I had set on my songs from within iTunes/Music are showing up, but any star ratings that I add from within the Windows Explorer Rating column do not show up. Let me check in with the engineering team to see if they have any thoughts. Thanks!

Ha, sorry, I’m that kind of user lol, my day job is in software engineering so I’m always testing the edges :rofl:

It would be great if the ratings could be pulled from tags from all three major file types, AAC (.m4a), MP3 and AIFF in Windows, where Explorer writes tags to AAC differently than to the other two - for MP3/AIFF it uses the Popularimeter/POPM tag, setting a value consistent with Windows Media Player, so something like “Windows Media Player 9 Series Rating=255 Count=0”.

Meanwhile for AAC it sets the WM/SharedUserRating tag to a numeric value (e.g., 5 stars == 99).

Apols if the engineering team are already well aware of these details and I’m now guilty of trying to teach grandma how to suck eggs, but thought I’d include this in case it’s helpful. :pray:



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Ha, no problem Mike! I’m a similar kind of user except my background is in mechanical engineering :rofl:. Also, I mainly DJ gigs on the iOS versions of djay, so I don’t typically get to dive as deep into the Windows version.

Anyway, thanks for the detailed input regarding tags and file types! I have already forwarded this onto the dev team.

TBF if this becomes a long-term switch to djay then I will probably look to get an iPad and use the iOS version too. My Dell laptop has thermal issues at the best of times and one thing about the Windows version of djay is it does run the CPU harder than Serato or Traktor, the fan goes like crazy. Fine in a club but at home I could do without the noise.

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