What tha ___ happened to the Pitch lock? Rane One

Pitch lock stopped working on the right deck with the Rane one, worked great before, man please fix this! I even checked settings and the “musical note” icon was checked blue, like it was on, i am grateful for what you guys have done so far, but these types of things are starting to make it useless, i have to restart the program 3 times to finally start working correctly, i will post video soon,

I can confirm it is working for me with my Rane One and 9th Gen iPad.

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yea it doesnt always act this glitchy, only on occasion, I will have to capture video for proof and post soon


Hi @Timothy_Refile,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with the pitch lock on the RANE ONE acting up. I’ll look forward to your video so we can get a better idea of what’s going on here. Thanks in advance!

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