What to do, if my 8bar-Loop doesn't match anymore?


a dj-technique question and how to solve within DjayPro?

Having a 8bar-loop of my 2nd track playing, I realize (too late) that it’s not matching in bars with current track 1. Climax of Track 1 isn’t hit anymore. But what can I do now? Right now I continue playing that loop, but everyone can hear, that both phrases do not fit together. This causes me trouble. :smiley:

Hi @SirHannes,

  1. You could try shortening the 8 bar loop to 4, 2 or 1 bar to help with the phrase alignment or,
  2. You could use beat jump/skip to help bring the phrases into alignment. You can adjust the size of the beat jump as needed to achieve the desired results.
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Are both tracks the same tempo? They need to be, or it won’t work.

Are you using sync? Are the tracks correctly beat gridded? Is the 8 bar loop correctly quantized?

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