Whats the difference between Neural Mix Pro & Neural features on DJay?

I’ve been using Neural features on iOS (iPad) and I now note there is an app for desktop called neural Mix Pro. Assume this is just for desktop, right? Are there significant differences that justifies the extra $49.99 cost, when I have a DJ Pro subscription?

I think it’s more of a Serato Studio type of product.

Hi @N_C,

Thanks for the question!

Neural Mix Pro is a standalone app that acts like a DAW. It only focuses on splitting stems of tracks you own.

Additionally, NMP is a one-time purchase and is not on a subscription model like djay.

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So basically it’s for making exporting stems? Ok understood. However, is this/not possible using Day pro?

Another related question, is it possible to save neural mix settings for a track in DJP. In effect having a track that is set ready without have to exert?